dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Un Plan Parfaît avec Diane Kruger et Dany Boon

Continued from this post. So I finally went to see the film Un Plan Parfaît (A Perfect Plan).

It was a pleasant film, full of laughs and filmed in many interesting places. There was, however, too much CGI (computer graphics), it was too "Hollywoodesque" and unrealistic and the ending was totally predictable. It was definitely more like a Hollywood film than a French film. However for a bit of fluffy fun, it was well worth it to watch.

The two main stars Diane Kruger and Dany Boon are wonderful in this film and you can see in their interview (below) just how well they get along. They seem to be lovely people as well as actors.

I'm quite impressed with myself as I hadn't seen a French film in the cinema since last year (!!) and as all French films are UNsubtitled... I used to have difficulty with this but for the first time ever I understand nearly everything in the film. There were only 2 things I missed when they spoke too quickly (I knew I had missed something when the audience laughed and I missed what they were laughing about).. so I'm very happy that before I could understand maybe only 70% of a French film without subtitles and now I can understand around 95% of it. The problem is not so much vocabulary anymore it's just with the speed with which they speak. :D

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