mardi 25 février 2014

Pharrell Williams Happy in Paris

Happy Parisiens

Pharrell Williams' 24 hour 'Happy' video has taken the world by storm.

I love that people of all ages, races and genders and dancing abilities are getting out there and having fun with music and dance.

Here are all the videos in Paris. I did not include the ones featuring professional dancers who look like models!

Pharrell Williams - Happy (We are from Paris France) by BeBloke

Pharrell Williams - Happy ( WE ARE FROM PARIS ) by Rohan Hussein

Pharrell Williams - Happy - We are from PARIS (France Bleu 107.1)

of course there are videos from many other cities in France too.

Here is the one of Sydney!

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Sydney) by Amath Magnan

and here is the entire list.. so far, 377 videos have been found!

Enjoy... and BE HAPPY :)

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