jeudi 8 août 2013

YouTube Draw My Life videos

One day I came across a "Draw my life" video on Youtube and watched it, and was almost in tears. It was by Michelle Phan, whom I wrote about before here. The video was very touching and it got me addicted to watching more of these sorts of videos, made by people I'd never heard about before..

Here is her video:

And then I came across this one, by a young 18 year old French girl, Horia AKA UnMondeAuFéminin.

These days my French is definitely not progressing at all. In fact, I am ashamed to say that I hardly ever use it :( I don't really need to use it much for work and all of my friends speak English so I speak English the majority of the time.. but anyway, I'm happy to report that I can understand everything in this video, even if I do feel that she speaks super fast (like all teens do). Check out her video for some listening practice.

If there's something these videos have shown me is that no matter how happy and wonderful someone's life seems on the outside we all have the same problems, worries, fears, and ups and downs, and that's what makes us real and human.

Happy watching!

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