samedi 13 novembre 2010

Eternise-moi Jena Lee featuring Eskemo

Jena Lee ft Eskemo

Naïve et Faible
Elle a le cœur pour me plaire
Elle m'attire
Et j'en crève
Elle est plus qu'un mauvais rêve

Naive and Weak
She has the heart that I like
She attracts me
and I'm in pain
She is more than a bad dream

Une seule envie
Le voir dans mes insomnies
Viens voler ma vie
Dans l'antre de mes nuits

Only one desire
To see in my insomnia
Come to steal my life
In the cave of my nights

Je m'approche, elle devrait se méfier

I approache, she must be wary

Je n'ai pas, je n'ai pas peur, je le laisse m'hypnotiser
C'est comme si elle m'offrait ses pensées
Je le laisse me blesser

I'm not, I'm not afraid, I leave it to hypnotize me
It's as if she offered me her thoughts
I leave it to hurt me

Trahis mes émotions, sacrifie ma raison
Condamne-moi d'un regard
A saigner pour t'avoir

Betray my emotions, sacrifice my reason
Immortalize you
Immortalize me
Condemn me from a glance
To bleed to have you
Immortalize you
Immortalize me

Rend moi insensible
Je ne veux plus rien ressentir
Fais de ma peine une cible, vise là pour me guérir

Render me insensitive
I don't want to feel anything anymore
Make my sorrow a target, aim there to cure me

Sa douleur m'inspire, mais je renais dans ses sourires
Comment la privée de son humanité
Tu perdrais tout pour l'éternité

Her pain inspires me, but I reappear in her smiles
How the private one of her humanity
You would lose all for eternity

Jena Lee
Fait de moi, fait de moi
Ne laisse pas mon âme sans regret

Made of me, made of me
Do not leave my soul without regret

Quitte à mourir pour exister
Sors de moi d’un baiser

Stop dying to exist
Leave me with a kiss

Trahis mes émotions, sacrifie ma raison
Condamne-moi d'un regard
A saigner pour t'avoir

Betray my emotions, sacrifice my reason
Immortalize you
Immortalize me
Condemn me from a glance
To bleed to have you
Immortalize you
Immortalize me

Elle est devenue mon essentielle
Je n’ai plus le choix l’heure m’appelle
Mon enfer rejoint le ciel

She became my essential
I no longer have the choice that time calls me
My hell joins the sky

Elle, elle, elle

She, she, she

Jena Lee
Il me glace de l’intérieur
Crucifie ma peine et mes peurs
Je me sens légère ailleurs, ailleurs

The interior freezes
Crucify my pain and my fears
I feel light elsewhere, elsewhere

Trahis mes émotions, sacrifie ma raison
Condamne-moi d'un regard
A saigner pour t'avoir

Betray my emotions, sacrifice my reason
Immortalize you
Immortalize me
Condemn me from a glance
To bleed to have you
Immortalize you
Immortalize me

vendredi 12 novembre 2010

The diary and the journey begins...

It feels like a lifetime ago now that my journey began but in fact, it was only about 7 weeks ago. How time flies!!

Sorry no photos for this post (you'll just have to use your imagination).


It all started in Sydney when I was doing my usual procrastination thing and packing right up till the last minute. Unfortunately for me, there was a big marathon on in Sydney, meaning the Harbour Bridge (a major traffic thoroughfare) was closed and all the traffic was forced to use the Harbour Tunnel. No problem, since we need to use the tunnel anyway to get to the airport but.... there was a massive backlog of traffic and it was moving as slowly as peak hour, even though it was a Sunday afternoon.

Still, I managed to get to the airport with what I thought was enough time to spare until they sort of detained me in the customs/x-ray area...  I barely had time to say goodbye to my parents and my boyfriend...

It wasn't till I was on the plane that reality hit me and I think I actually started crying for the first time. Here I was, feeling more alone than ever, on this big scary journey, or trip of a lifetime...

Luckily the 2 people I was sitting next to on the plane were really nice. We talked a little bit but they were great when I needed to get out to use the toilet (I always choose a window seat so getting to the toilet is a bit of a hassle).

I didn't sleep much on the 8-9 hour flight as it was daytime and the bright sunlight was blasting in through the windows. Even with my shades closed everyone else's were still opened.

Kuala Lumpur

By the time I got to Malaysia I was utterly exhausted. I was so tired of hauling my luggage around (weighing almost as much as I do) and with that heat and humidity... I was just so so tired. And already sick of travelling alone!

Little did I know that the hotel I had booked was right in the heart of Chinatown and the markets were still going at that time (they go until midnight) and I had to drag all my suitcases and bags THROUGH the street market. I nearly died! Luckily for me a very nice guy then carried my large 27kg suitcase up the set of stairs to my hotel. At first I thought he wanted a tip for that but he didn't which surprised me.

It was a very cheap hotel so I wasn't expecting much. All in all it wasn't bad except that the whole place stunk of cigarette smoke and I guess it wasn't the most clean of all hotels... but it was liveable. I guess I was too tired to care and it did have free wifi internet as well.


The next morning I caught a cheapie AirAsia bus to the LCCT (Low cost carrier terminal) to catch my AirAsia flight to Langkawi. I LOVE islands and snorkelling and after having had winter in Sydney I was really really looking forward to swimming and snorkelling in paradise...

... to be continued!

Cool Travelgoods review Zuca Pro Trunki ScotteVest

Travelgoods reviews!

I'm a sucker for finding good quality, long lasting, useful and ingenious products.. the kind of products I go around designing inside my head (only to find that someone beat me to it ;) )

Well here are some things I bought before my trip that I LOVE and I'm sure you will too...

Trunki suitcase

Many moons ago, one of my friends bought her daughter a Trunki suitcase. When I first saw it I wanted one! I just LOVED the idea that you could sit on it and I am only a teensy weensy bit over the weight limit of 50kg (like seriously, how many kids weigh that much anyway?) I got overly excited till I finally saw one in a luggage/bag store and realised how small it was, and how I would probably break it if I sat on it. Ha! (not to mention look a bit ridiculous riding it anyway as I'm too old and too tall for it).

Still, I became OBSESSED with the idea of finding a suitcase I can actually sit on without it breaking. After extensive research there was only ONE brand out there: The Zuca. It seemed a bit pricey for such a small suitcase, but let me tell you, it's worth its weight in gold!

Zuca Pro (Artist) small trolley suitcase

I have since carried it from Sydney, Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Paris, France, and then on the train to the little town where I live. As well as that it has come with me on ALL my train journeys around France. It's the perfect size for a weekend away and I usually travel with it only half full so I can use the extra space for purchases or just for my great big winter coat.

Why is it so great and why did I buy it?

1. The main reason as I mentioned is that it has a seat which holds up to 300 pounds (136 kg) which is pretty much everyone except the obese and giants. I have lost count of the number of times I've seen weary travellers eyeing me with curiosity and jealousy that I'm sitting and they have to stand because there are no seats anywhere! (in airports and train stations).

Apart from the fact that you can sit on it, because the top is dead flat, you can put anything on top (eg another bag) and it won't fall off! With other trolley cases you have to slide your other bag over the handles or tie it on somehow. Not with the Zuca! It's great that you can put anything on it without worrying it will slide off (and trust me this is super handy when you are using public toilets and there is nowhere to hang your bags, coats, etc).

2. It fits all airlines' size requirements for a carry on luggage, and it is extremely strong yet lightweight. It has inline skate wheels which roll so smoothly and over any kind of surface easily.

3. It comes with these cool packing cases which function almost like 'drawers' making it easy to find just what you need. I don't use all of mine though. When I first arrived in France I used the cases for all my electronic gadgetry - cables, cords, battery chargers, CDs/DVDs, etc and 1 or 2 for toiletries/cosmetics. I got the "Artist Pro" which has slightly different cases.

I did extensive search online to find the answer to a seemingly easy question and here's the answer: What is the difference between the Zuca Pro, Zuca Sport and Zuca Pro Artist?

The Zuca Pro is the standard one and comes with packing cases for clothes (which have mesh sides).

The Zuca (Pro) Sport is for carrying iceskates and is cheaper, and not as hardwearing, and does not fit airline size requirements for carry on luggage. But also, it comes in a myriad of colours and patterns to choose from, and it does not come with the packing cases. It comes with 2 sets of wheels for climbing stairs which is great (the normal Zuca Pro does not).

The Zuca Pro Artist is the same as the Pro except it comes with packing cases which have clear thick plastic sides instead of fabric mesh (to contain spills for makeup because it's designed especially for makeup artists). I chose this because I wanted more protection for anything I wanted to put in it (and not just clothes). I do believe it would add slightly more weight to the bag overall though, if that's a concern of yours since the cloth/mesh ones would weigh slightly less.

4. It is excellent excellent quality because I have literally dragged it over every surface you can imagine and over stairs and it still survived. This includes concrete, gravel, asphalt, cobble-stone steps, pebbley paths, grass, sand, etc etc. I barely survived but at least my suitcase did! ;)

5. It also comes with a nice padded cover for protection against the elements and to make the seat softer. I don't really use it though, except when I travelled through the airports.

Right now I'm actually using it as a bedside table as it's just the perfect size and I can easily move it around by the wheels and put things on top :) It has multiple uses!


If you recall my post about AirAsia ... well I ended up taking them between Malaysia and Singapore and they have a rule that you can only carry 1 hand luggage weighing up to 7kg. Now I had a big problem with this because my laptop weighs 2kg, my SLR camera weighs 1kg (more with accessories), and then there are my clothes, shoes, and normal every day things. And it wasn't that I had a problem with paying for check-in luggage (in fact I did on the way back) it was that I just didn't want to check in anything!! I didn't want anything to get damaged or lost (or stolen!) etc sooooo I ended up getting this Scott-e-vest. It's rather expensive for what looks to be a normal jacket but it really did help me a lot on my flights.

Since I weigh less than the average adult, I've ALWAYS had a gripe about paying excess baggage fees. Always. I do not think it's fair that I should have to pay extra when I do not weigh as much as others. Therefore, if I put the extra weight on my person, it's not counted, right?

It actually all started from Sydney when I tried to walk through customs wearing this Scottevest (and another winter coat over it - I was sweating like crazy). I had my mother make me another large pocket in the back of my jacket for my laptop - yes, my laptop! and in the pockets I had crammed various objects... so much so that I arose a LOT of suspicion and the security guards at customs gave me hell, x-raying all my bags and my 2 coats and emptying every single pocket out of my backpack, etc etc, and detained me for about 30 minutes and I almost missed my flight and was almost in tears (but hey, that's another story another time ;) ) ...

Yes it was a bit of a pain security wise but I managed to get on quite a few extra kg on that flight (with Malaysia Airlines) as well as with my AirAsia flight so all was good in the end. And the jacket is not bad looking and quite warm too. My only real gripe with it is that it's designed for a man, and although it fits me well in the body the arms are HUGE. It's like it was designed for a man with Popeye biceps or something!

There are many different models of the jacket to choose from... here is a good review of one. One of the reasons I chose the Fleece 5.0 is because it has 24 pockets! I don't think I even managed to find them all and the funny thing is, you tend to forget what you put in the jacket and where you put it...

It's definitely NOT really a jacket I would wear out every day (although I have) only because of the massive upper arm sleeves but for the purposes I bought it for (stupid airline baggage rules) it has worked a treat!

Since I bought it they've come out with some new models too... I hope they come out with more female ones.

Travel power adapter

Last but not least... I bought this adapter from seller "keyhere" on eBay).

It accepts "any" ("any" meaning the major countries) country going in as well as going out and it also has an USB so you can use it to charge USB appliances. Bonus! Similar ones in stores cost around $30 and on eBay it's only around US$5. I'm tempted to get a second one now as I usually need one for my laptop and my camera battery charger when I'm travelling.

Well, I hope you liked my reviews...

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