lundi 21 avril 2014

French slang words you need to know

Check out this link here and learn some new French vocab! :)

Car: la voiture -> la bagnole
Money: l'argent -> le fric
Children: les enfants -> les gosses/les gamin(e)s
Criminal: le criminel -> la racaille
Police officers: les policiers -> les flics
Work: le travail -> le boulot
Food: le nourriture -> la bouffe (see my French food and cooking vocabulary list here)
Boyfriend: le petit ami -> le copain
Girlfriend: la petite amie -> la copine
Brother: frère -> frangin
Sister: soeur -> frangine
A drink: un verre
Sleep: sommeil -> dodo ("metro, boulot, dodo")
University: le fac
Clothes: les vêtements -> les fringues, les habits (see my French fashion and sewing vocabulary list here)
Cigarettes: les cigarettes ->les clopes

Check out my previous post on French slang where you can also find a list of books to buy from Amazon to help you.

PS J'en ai marre means... I've had enough! I'm fed up! I'm sick of this! etc...

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