samedi 2 novembre 2013

Anything sounds better in a foreign language...

Just came across this article in designtaxi. It's really funny. Apparently, if a woman is attractive and sexy, it doesn't matter what she says... it sounds great (if you don't know her language).


Kind of reminds me of people who tattoo Chinese or Japanese characters on their bodies without having the faintest clue what it really says, or people who use Google Translate claiming to know the language... Better to learn it and really know it rather than fake it IMHO.

vendredi 1 novembre 2013

HSBC Expat Explorer - Australia vs France - Classement pays expatriés

I came across this interesting interactive website called HSBC Expat Explorer which allows you to compare several countries for quality of life as an expat. Overall, as you can see by the graphic above, Australia ranks 5th and France ranks 17th.

Australia (green) scores much better for: 
  • Travelling more 
  • Quality of accommodation 
  • Working environment 
  • Making local friends 
  • Local culture 
  • Fitting in the new culture 
  • Setting up utilities 
  • Organising healthcare 
  • Organising finances 
  • Children more rounded and 
  • Children having a greater circle of friends.

France (blue) scores much better for: 
  • Healthcare access and quality 
  • Enjoying local food local 
  • Work culture 
  • Cost of education to children and 
  • Children learning a new language.

Have a play around and compare your country's stats with France's or any 2 countries on the list. It's quite eye-opening and you may learn a thing or two, especially if you are thinking of moving abroad. :)

Article ( in English
Article ( en français
Article ( en français

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