mercredi 21 septembre 2011

Justified text

Apparently the French have a big thing for justified text.

Now, I've actually studied typography (the study of type!) and know that justified text makes it harder to read. The fact that newspapers use it doesn't mean it's 'better' or 'correct' or.. Grrrr...

Whenever I've shown a French person a piece of text to correct for me (usually a shitty translation I've done myself of something I've first written in English and then tried to translate into French), they take it upon themselves to also justify it left and right! hahaha. When I've received letters from French people they are almost always justified!!

Here is a great example of why justified text sucks!!!!!

mardi 20 septembre 2011

One year...

Cela fait un an... It's been roughly one year since I left the comforts of my home and ventured halfway across the world to France... What an adventure it has been! and despite some bad things that have happened, I've loved every minute of it. Every sight, taste, sound... everything I've experienced will be forever embedded in my memory, my brain and my heart. :)

dimanche 18 septembre 2011

Decipher this!

C3 M355463 53RT 4 PR0VV3R QV3 N0TR3 35PR1T P3VT F41R3 D'1MPR35510N4N735 CH0535 ! 4V D3BVT C'3T41T D1FF1C1L3 M415 M41NT3N4NT, 4 P4RT1R D3 C3TT3 L16N3, V0TR3 35PR1T 3ST 3N TR41N D3 L1R3 C3C1 4VT0M4T1QV3M3NT 54N5 M3M3 Y P3N5ER. 50Y3Z F13R5 ! S3VL5 C3RT41N3S P3RS0NN3S P3VV3NT L1R3 C3C1. R3P05TEZ-L3 51 V0V5 P0VV3Z C0MPR3NDR3 C3 M355463, M41S N3 D1T3S 4 P3R50NN3 C3 QV'1L S16N1F13.

I'm surprised it was actually quite easy to read, even though French is not my native language!

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