jeudi 15 mai 2014

Most common languages spoken in the US after English

You might have seen this article already, it originated on Slate.

Ben Blatt has created a cool series of maps showing what second languages are spoken in the various states of the USA.

Check out the whole article here. I originally read it on Gizmodo, and if you go to that page and read the comments it's quite interesting... many people debating about how common German really is in the US. I, for one, had no idea it was that common. I also had no idea that Tagalog was so common in California...

And so, here are the maps (there are more on the site).

Second most commonly spoken language in the USA after English, by state

Third most commonly spoken language in the USA other than English or Spanish, by state

mardi 13 mai 2014

The Great Language Quiz

Note this is not a test on any one particular language or how well you know the vocabulary, but a test on how well you can distinguish between languages or family of languages...

Language Quiz 1

I scored 8/14. Eesh.

Then I did a better and longer test and scored 250. However, I think I got very difficult one as the second time I did it I scored 650.

The Great Language Game

Have fun! :)

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