vendredi 24 juillet 2009

3 weeks of learning French

It's been 3 weeks exactly since I started learning French and so far I have:

  • Done up to the end of CD 5 (of 8 CDs) of Michel Thomas French
  • Done up to the end of Level 1 Lesson 10 (of 3 levels x 30 lessons) of Pimsleur French
  • Done up to Week 3 Day 3 (of 7 weeks x 7 days) of Teach Yourself Starter Kit French
  • Done up to end of unit 3 (of 10 units) of Collins Language revolution Beginner French
  • Done up to the end of Lesson 5 of Coffee Break French (by Radio Lingua network)
  • Done all 8 lessons of Walk, Talk and Learn French on YouTube (by Radio Lingua network)
  • Reading/Listening to children's  stories on 'Boowa et Kwala'
  • Reading/Listening to children's stories on The French Experiment
  • Watching French 'Barbapapa' and 'Thomas le train' episodes on YouTube over and over again
  • Can sing several (Disney and pop) songs in French, partly by memory, partly by reading
  • Can count up to 70 competently, and the rest up to a million
  • Can say the alphabet
  • Know all the major colours
  • Know several animals and food items
  • Basic phrases.. using How/When/Where/Who/How much/What/Why/Because etc
  • Can pronounce most words but still having some trouble with 'r' esp. 'rue'
  • Downloaded and listen to free podcasts of French news on the radio (Journal en français facile)

Books I've bought:
  • Side by Side: French and English Grammar (2nd edition)
  • The Cat in the Hat/Le Chat Au Chapeau  
  • La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous (The very hungry caterpillar) 
  • First French Picture Dictionary
  • Living and Working in France  (9th edition)
  • DK French-English Visual Bilingual Dictionary 
  • 101 French Idioms (with CD)
  • Bescherelle 12,000 French verbs
I'm going to start Assimil New French with Ease when I've finished Michel Thomas, Pimsleur level 1, Collins Language revolution beginner French and Teach Yourself French Starter Kit.


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