dimanche 14 février 2010

Au librarie...

After my French class yesterday I went to a bookstore for no particular reason other than to kill some time and do some browsing. Since the city has a few big bookstores all within walking distance from one another, it is a 'dangerous' thing for me.

But I was strong and didn't buy a single thing!

I was in this bookstore for 25 minutes and several things happened:

(in order)

* I headed straight for the travel books section and literally the first rack of books I laid eyes on were the French-related travel books
* A few seconds later I heard a customer as a staff member where the travel books were and the staff member asked, "Which country are you looking for?" and the guy answered, "France."
* A few minutes later in the shelf behind mine, I overheard 2 French people speaking. They were looking at the learning French books and I was trying to work out their relationship. It seemed like the woman was a teacher and the other was maybe her student or a friend. But then later I thought maybe she was teaching him how to be a French teacher because I saw them again at the cashier desk, and when the sales assistant asked if he wanted a bag, she translated it as, "Tu veux un sac?" which meant that he didn't even know English! So I was still confused as to what their relationship actually was. Actually think maybe they were looking in the French books section for a French-English dictionary. Yes, that's right. That's what they were buying.
* After about 2 songs, the third song playing on the loudspeaker was a French one and so was the one after that.. and after that...
* I saw Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense & Sensibility on the shelf totally by accident, in the business section, not in the French or travel section.
* As I was leaving the store, I overhead a women with a very strong French accent asking for help finding a certain book...

OK so none of that is particularly bizarre or exciting but to have it all happen within a short period of time is quite amazing to me.


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