dimanche 11 juillet 2010

Rest assured...

I was thinking to myself in my head, OKOK I was talking to myself in my head.. and thinking of that phrase "rest assured". If you think about it logically it doesn't really make much sense! When you think of the word 'rest' you think of resting, relaxing, not moving... sure it can also mean to 'stay' so wouldn't it be better to say "stay assured" or "keep yourself assured" or "I assure you that..." or something like that?

It's funny, that everyone (both French and non-French) keeps telling me how 'hard' French is and in some ways it is, but the vocab is pretty simple, mainly because there are sooooo many similar words with English (around 40% I hear).

So then I think to myself, "rester" in French means "to stay". "Stay assured" - there you go! I need French to explain an English phrase ;)

While looking for an image for this post, I found this logo from a bedding company which made me think the phrase has another meaning! "Rest assured" could mean that they assure you will get some rest. Totally different meaning! Ha. Don't you love language?

Rest assured I will have some posts for your soon. Before, I was about 5 posts behind and now I am probably 10 posts behind but you won't get 10 posts soon. If you are lucky you may get 1 or 2 but they will be good ones, I promise. Rest assured. :P


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