jeudi 26 août 2010

Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia

Malaysian Airlines

So, I booked my flights some time ago. Originally I was taking Singapore Airlines with a stop over in Singapore (duh) but on the day I wanted to book the price mysteriously went up by a lot so it was out of my reach so I had to choose a cheaper flight. I really wanted to go to Singapore because I have several friends who live there and since Malaysia is literally only next door I took the cheapest flight I found with Malaysia Airlines (Paris via Kuala Lumpur).

I'm quite happy with my choice because Malaysia Airlines was named World's Best Economy Class for 2010. (second being Qatar Airways and third being Singapore Airlines). I have taken them before and admit I didn't think they were that special. Legroom is never a concern for me since I'm not that tall nor fat (even though it seems that's what 90% of people gripe about) so for me it's all about the service and I didn't think it was very good at all! Still, I am willing to give them another shot, this time with an open mind.

The World's Top 10 airlines in 2010 Awards : 

1.   Asiana Airlines
2.   Singapore Airlines
3.   Qatar Airways
4.   Cathay Pacific
5.   Air New Zealand
6.   Etihad Airways
7.   Qantas Airways
8.   Emirates
9.   Thai Airways
10.  Malaysia Airlines

Air Asia

I was originally going to take a bus from KL to Singapore and back but decided it would take too long. Why not take advantage of a budget airlines' cheap fares? (I know RyanAir and Easyjet get a bad rap but I haven't taken them so I can't compare). I don't know if this is cheap or not but I'm not complaining!

KL - Langkawi*:  MYR/RMB$143.50 (USD$45.66/AUD$51.52/€35.97)
Langkawi - Singapore:   MYR/RMB$103.00 (USD$32.78/AUD$36.93/€25.82)
Singapore - KL**:   SGG$53.90 (USD$39.74/AUD$44.77/€31.29)

Prices include taxes and some extras like *a meal and **extra baggage allowance.

Anyway, where was I? Skytrax has also named Air Asia world's best low-cost airline for 2010 (second Air Berlin and third Virgin Blue).

I feel very happy with my choices of airlines now. Just got to wait and see if the reality matches up with my expectations!

First picture from this interesting SMH article about Flight Attendant School.


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