lundi 28 février 2011

CV in French

What a fun start to my school holidays!

I've been spending ALL DAY working on my CV. Yeah, I know, it sounds like an extraordinary long time but I want to make it perfect. And then I have to make like 3-4 different versions depending on the job I'm going for. And then, I have to translate it all into French so it takes forever. It's not just the words that need translating but also the layout and format. I use Google Translate because I'm kind of lazy but then I realise of course it's not perfect so I still have to do the hard work myself.

And THEN, because French has longer words, my 2 page CV suddenly becomes 3 pages so then I have to figure out how to cut it down :( So after an entire day I'm still not finished!

But, I just found this which might help someone: Faire ton CV en 4 langues : Francais / Anglais / Espagnol / Italien  (Do your CV in 4 languages: French / English / Spanish / Italian). What's really interesting and funny is the name of each CV.

And here's a little culture lesson for you. I realise this because of something my students told me about the "Roast Beefs" (the English).

Français (French): grenouille (frogs)
Anglais (English): ros beef (roast beef)
Espagnol (Spanish): torero (bullfighter)
Italien (Italian): pasta (pasta)

I feel like my head is going to explode with all this writing and re-writing, formatting and re-formatting, translating and hoping it's correct. And then there's writing the job application letter which is even harder since each needs to be tailored for each job (and most likely done in French). UGH. But if I can get through this by the end of tomorrow I'm going to reward myself on Wednesday!

I was going to write this blog post in French as well (since I haven't done that in a while) but I think I have already exhausted all my brain cells for one day.


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