vendredi 11 mars 2011

French words that are hard to pronounce

Google Translate

je suis embrouillé débrouillé grenouille
Note that that doesn't make any sense in French but I just typed it into to hear what it sounds like. It translated it as: I'm confused unraveled frog which had me in stitches!

The words that are hardest for me to pronounce are those such as:

s'embrouiller (verb - to tangle/confuse)
se débrouiller (verb - to disentangle/sort out; sort of the opposite of above)
une grenouille (noun - frog)
accueillir (verb - to welcome/greet)
un écureuil (noun - squirrel)
un fauteuil (noun - armchair)
cueillir (verb - to collect/pick off a tree)
un chevreuil (noun - deer/venison)

They are also hard to spell!

A silly little sentence/story I just made up using all those words:

Je vais accueillir une grenouille, un écurueil, et un chevreuil chez moi. Tout d'abord, il faut qu'ils cueillent les pommes de l'arbre devant ma fenêtre, et puis qu'ils s'assoient sur le fauteuil, tous les trois, et qu'ils se débrouillent bien si ils s'embrouillent.

Unfortunately the Google Translate voice thing doesn't work for long sentences. Shame! You could do it in parts though. Funny thing is the French still sounds so fast for me, whereas comparatively, the English voice part sounds soooo slow.


Anonyme a dit…

actually, squirrel is spelled écureuil, not écurueil

La Petite Blogueuse a dit…

Thanks for the correction. I've changed it in my post.

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