dimanche 19 juin 2011

My French level

On Thursday I went to Payot bookstore (previously mentioned briefly here) and went through their entire collection of French learning textbooks. To my surprise, almost every single one I leafed through was too easy! There were very few I wanted to buy since I realise I was already past that level. That was a pretty awesome feeling, I must say :)

I think I mainly just need to improve my speaking, since my reading, writing and listening are all pretty decent. But when I try to speak quickly I know I sometimes use the wrong tense or the wrong conjugation.

Anyway, I have decided to start learning German soon. I would much rather learn Italian or Spanish but it would make far more sense and be far more useful for me to learn German. I'm going to use the EXACT SAME self-taught method as I used for learning French as it worked really well for me. I'll be documenting it over on my Swiss blog.

Wish me Viel Glück! :)


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