dimanche 18 septembre 2011

Decipher this!

C3 M355463 53RT 4 PR0VV3R QV3 N0TR3 35PR1T P3VT F41R3 D'1MPR35510N4N735 CH0535 ! 4V D3BVT C'3T41T D1FF1C1L3 M415 M41NT3N4NT, 4 P4RT1R D3 C3TT3 L16N3, V0TR3 35PR1T 3ST 3N TR41N D3 L1R3 C3C1 4VT0M4T1QV3M3NT 54N5 M3M3 Y P3N5ER. 50Y3Z F13R5 ! S3VL5 C3RT41N3S P3RS0NN3S P3VV3NT L1R3 C3C1. R3P05TEZ-L3 51 V0V5 P0VV3Z C0MPR3NDR3 C3 M355463, M41S N3 D1T3S 4 P3R50NN3 C3 QV'1L S16N1F13.

I'm surprised it was actually quite easy to read, even though French is not my native language!


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