mardi 27 septembre 2011

One year ago...

A trip down memory lane...

I can't believe it. One year ago I turned up at the high school I'd be working at (teaching English) for the next few months, scared as all heck. I'd only been learning French for a few short months prior to moving to France and now I had to navigate my way around a HUGE school and a new town, all without speaking a word of English!

I'm quite proud of myself and how far I've come now. Not just in my French ability but my ability to adapt to different life situations and boy oh boy have I had some stressful and horrible situations... but I guess it's all part of life. Living, learning, loving, growing and all of that.

On one hand I'd love to say that I'd love to do it all over again (especially being able to take naps during the working day and having so many holidays!) but on the other hand I cringe at having to do it again. I definitely could not live that life again. Stuck in a small town with nowhere to go and nothing to do in my spare time.

Still, overall I had a great time and fond memories that will stay with me forever... :)

I'll be going back to Paris again soon, back to where it all started in September 2010...


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