dimanche 17 avril 2011

How to add Subtitles to Films French films

How to add Subtitles to Films / Comment incruster des Sous-titres dans un film

OK it seems like recently a lot of people are coming to my blog looking for info or subtitles to Le Nom de Gens (The Names of Love) and Rien à déclarer (Nothing to declare).

Something one of my very geeky exes taught me (see, boyfriends are useful for something ;) ) is how to put subtitles onto foreign films. I was so happy when he told me about that as it basically opened up a whole new world of possibilities...

How to add subtitles to films

  • Download VLC media player if you don't already have it. It plays almost any sort of media file you can imagine and it's free!
  • Go to allsubs.org or Open Subtitles and search for the subtitle for your movie in the language of your choice. Note that not all languages exist and the file is of type .srt
  • Note where you've placed the movie on your computer (I'm not going to tell you where to get the movies from, I'm sure you can figure that out yourself) and copy the filename of this file to the srt file. So now the two files have exactly the same file name with only the 3 character extension that is different. Make sure they are placed in the same folder/directory.
  • Open up VLC media player and load the film.
  • Voilà ! It should work automatically. If not, something has gone wrong... (sometimes though, if the subtitles are not done well they are not quite in sync with the movie, maybe a few seconds ahead/behind what they are saying).

The main problem I find is that I want to watch both English and French films with French subtitles but generally it's difficult to find subtitles that's in the same language as the film is (ie French subtitles for a French film). Still, give it a try though! It's pretty easy to find English subtitles for French films.

Hope that helped!


Sabrinataipei a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

still didn't find " Le Nom des gens " english subtitle :( please help!

MC Nedelsky a dit…

Likewise, can't find subtitles! There are french subtitles but only in a file that requires 8 rar components. Where is the english .srt? :(

zummi a dit…

I really need the english subtitles too :( wonder when it will be released.. keeping an eye out for it :/

Anonyme a dit…

Is it possible to do something like this for megaupload videos ?

I found a link to watch a lot of free films in french in streaming:


They got the fabulous "le nom des gens" (http://streambusters.com/film/2897/le-nom-des-gens/), but I there are no subtitles!

For action movies it's ok, but for love stories I understand nothing...

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