mercredi 8 avril 2015

Back in France!

Big news. I've moved back to France and oh my gosh what a big job that was. After getting my visa (which thankfully only took a week) I basically only had about 10 days to pack up my stuff and move to a new country and start my new life. Sure, I just moved over the border but I had noone to help me and so many things to do and (re) set up. I'm slowly getting there and only just remembering the bureaucratic nightmares :( and it's even worse than the first time because last time (back in 2010) the school I worked at handled a lot of things for me (ie giving me cheap, furnished accommodation at the school) whereas this time I had to look for my own accommodation.

I have sooooo many posts but I have to figure out a way to make them useful for you, my readers, instead of just compiling a big long list of complaints because this country that I love so much also frustrates me so much!!


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