vendredi 7 août 2009

5 weeks of learning French

It's been 5 weeks since I started learning French and so far I have:
  • Done up to the end of CD 6 lesson 10 (of 8 CDs) of Michel Thomas French

  • Done up to the end of Level 1 Lesson 29 (of 3 levels x 30 lessons) of Pimsleur French

  • Done up to Week 5 Day 7 (of 7 weeks x 7 days) of Teach Yourself Starter Kit French

  • Done up to end of unit 4 (of 10 units) of Collins Language revolution Beginner French

  • Done up to the end of Lesson 9 of Coffee Break French (by Radio Lingua network)

Didn't progress too much except in Pimsleur... as I wanted to finish off Level 1.


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