vendredi 7 août 2009

La Vie Parisienne by Janelle McCulloch

I regret being a little hasty in my judgement of her book. I just finished it and it turned out much better. But just as it started to get better (IMHO) it ended! It's 238 pages, and I wished it were longer.

In one of the chapters near the end she talks about her feelings about her infertility which is really sad... I guess, as a woman who hasn't had kids yet I could feel some understanding and sympathy for her.

I do feel though, that it feels like the book was written by someone who was only there for a really short period of time (like a tourist) rather than a resident... I lost track of how long she was there for (a year?) but I really really wish the book was longer!

I know she's written another book about her adventures across America called "One for the road" which I'll read sometime in the near future. It is also beautiful in the design, layout, and subtle use of colour.

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Andi a dit…

Another one I missed! Thanks for this find! Je vais acheter toute suite!

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