vendredi 30 octobre 2009

17 weeks of learning French

17 weeks... I haven't done much this week (a part from FSI) but... I have exciting news. I started a French evening course yesterday at an adult community college and I love love love it! It's once/week for 2 hours. There are around 10 people in my class. All older than me except one. I just chose my own level and I think I chose well. I really hope to be at B1 level by March. The class is around mid-late A2 level.

They are very easygoing, there are no exams and if you don't do your homework they don't care, but unlike high school, everybody (obviously) wants to be there and get the most out of it. The teacher is great, and I love his French accent.

I compared my ipod with one of my classmates and we both had all these French learning recordings on it, which we both agreed was pretty nerdy.

I've also been chatting a lot online (the time difference is now 10 hours!) and I'm getting much better/faster at typing the accents. I used to leave most of them out because I was lazy but now I'm forcing myself to type them all.

So far I have:
  • Done up to the end of Coffee Break French - Lesson 39 (of 69 lessons)
  • Done up to the end of Assimil - Lesson 76 (of 113 lessons)
  • Done up to the end of Live Mocha - Lesson 25 (of 50 lessons) 
  • Done up to the end of French in Action - Lesson 17 (of 52 lessons)
  • Done up to the end of FSI - Lesson 44 (tape 7.5) (of 189 lessons)
  • Done up to the end of FSI French Phonology - Lesson 3 (tape 2.1) (of 20 lessons) (none this week)

I really enjoyed lesson 39 of CBF. There are two adorable kids in it!


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