vendredi 6 novembre 2009

Romain Duris screentest

It's been a while since I posted a YouTube clip. I found this little beauty, of Romain Duris in 1994... I can't really understand what they are saying :( (speaking too fast, and background/echoing sound or bad sound quality) but hopefully ... un jour.. I will be able to!

I find that I have problems understanding people when:
* they have a non-standard French accent
* they are old men. Children's, teenagers, and women's voices are just so much clearer. I find the voices that are the easiest to understand are those in their late teens or early 20s. They sound like adults but still sound young and clear.
* the recording is of poor quality. A lot of the time I can't understand the people I chat to because our connection isn't that great and there is a lot of background echoing noise.


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