vendredi 18 décembre 2009

It's snowing in France!

Il neige en France !

I was speaking to my friend (who lives in Northern France) a few days ago and he mentioned it might snow and he didn't want it to happen because it meant a 40 minute drive to work would turn into a 2 hour one. So I can understand how it would inconvenience people greatly. But as a person coming from Australia (where believe it not, it does and can snow in many places/cities, but usually only in the Snowy Mountains area, and for 3 months during winter)... snow is just so... how should I say it... romantic?

Il y a quelques jours, je parlais avec mon ami français (qui habite dans le nord de la France) et il m'a dit que peut-être il neigerait, et il ne voulait pas que ça arrive car ça voudrait dire que le voyage à son bureau deviendra plus long.
Donc, je comprends que ça ne sera pas bien du tout. Mais, comme une Australienne (ou, vous y croyez ou pas, il neige dans quelques endroits/villes, mais d'habitude seulement dans les "Snowy Mountains" et pendant seulement trois mois en hiver)... La neige est juste si... comment dit-on... romantique?

From AFP

Early snow as cold snap hits northwestern Europe (AFP)

PARIS — Early winter snows forced French authorities to close the Eiffel Tower on Thursday and disrupted transport as northwest Europe shuddered under a pre-Christmas cold snap.
The French capital and much of the north of the country awoke to find a seven-centimetre (three inch) blanket of snow, which delayed flights from Charles de Gaulle airport by up to two hours.
The iconic Eiffel Tower was closed to visitors, and train and bus services were delayed in many areas, as daytime temperatures dropped below zero for the first time in the year and black ice coated northern roads.
Snow also fell in Britain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and weather experts forecast worse to come, with disruption especially in Scotland and northern England.

(Image by Dmitri Kessel for Life magazine)


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