lundi 14 décembre 2009

Afghan refugees in Paris

Not much French studying being done lately because I have been so tired... tired from what you say? Well in Australia it's summer at the moment and it's also nearly Christmas which means parties, parties, parties... and I love it but I am just SO tired. So when I get home at 1am I don't exactly feel like studying any French!


I subscribe to a few hundreds blogs (!!) about life in France (mostly Paris) and one of them is Emilie Johnson. The story of how she met her man is really interesting (if you didn't know by now, I'm a sucker for these real-life romantic stories) and she seems to have such an interesting life, and her blog shows her love of life and of her family.

But now she has a post that isn't about herself but about refugees. Admittedly I am sometimes ignorant about all the going-ons* in the world (from the banal to the serious) but this post really caught my eye and it is fascinating to say the least. I had goosebumps from reading it. You should read it and I really hope that she inspires more people to think about those less fortunate than us and do something about it.

* Is the word going-ons or goings-on?


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