mardi 2 février 2010

Bi-lingualism Tri-lingualism and visualization

I went to a party the other day and there was a great mix of people. I love that Sydney is so multi-cultural! There were people with backgrounds from all different countries around the world. I got to practise French! Over the course of the night it suddenly occured to me that I know far more people that can speak 3 languages than 2.

Definitely, the second language you learn will be the hardest and it becomes much easier after that. I've had so many people tell me "le français n'est pas facile".. Depending on my mood, sometimes I agree, but sometimes I disagree, "mais si, c'est facile!" and they look at me incredulously.

I think that's been my philosophy right from the start. I never told myself that learning French was going to be hard and it wasn't. I fully believe that we can control the outcome by our thoughts. I've read all this stuff about this topic and they say that professional athletics practise visualisation techniques to help them win and that the actual visualisation has a far more powerful effect than the training itself!

I fully believe that by thinking positively and visualising a positive outcome, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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Another thing I've noticed from my French class is that most people appear to be good spellers. I think being a good speller and being good at foreign language learning goes hand in hand because if you don't care about or can't even understand your own language, how can you expect to learn another? I have always been a good speller (which is also interesting considering my parents are not native-English speakers) and I think part of that is because I'm a perfectionist. I have to know everything and I have to do it 'right'. If I don't know the spelling of a word, I'll look it up and check. I won't guess. But if I did guess I usually got it right, sometimes I just 'knew'. Also, I remember when we learnt all the rules in primary school. Most people I went to school with didn't care, didn't pay attention and therefore didn't remember the rules but I remembered them all...

I think the reason so many people make mistakes in their own language or a second language is because they were never corrected early on (either by themselves, or by a teacher or by a parent). My opinion is that if you are not corrected early on, you are more likely to carry that mistake throughout the rest of your life and the longer it goes on for, the harder it is to correct so it's better to catch the mistakes early on!


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