lundi 8 mars 2010

When to use the dreaded subjunctive in French

Le Subjonctif encore

When I first started learning French, I taped a big sheet of paper to the outside of my glass shower screen so that I could read it and learn new vocab every time I had a shower but since all those months ago I haven't changed that one piece of paper!

This silly subjunctive thing was doing my head in so I vowed to replace that piece of paper with one all about when to use the subjunctive.

I just spent a few hours making this little ditty only to discover that Blogger does not allow PDF uploads so a JPG will just have to do for now. You can print it out if you wish. I hope it's useful. I got most of the information from this site and a couple of others. I am sure there are other examples but I think I have covered all the main ones.

Après plusieurs heures je viens de finir de faire ce petit papier sur le sujet du subjonctif pour les étudiants qui apprendre le français maintenant (comme moi) ! J'espère que vous aimerez ça et qu'il est utile pour vous.


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