mercredi 31 mars 2010

Paris vox pop interviews

Stumbled upon these interviews which I found both informative and hilarious (as the title says)..

"Hilarious interview: French guys in Latin Quarter (Paris)"

This bit in the conversation cracked me up... "They are German."

Interviewer: Can you cook well?
The guys: No, I don't like it.
Interviewer: What have your parents taught you about French cuisine?
The guys: Everything but we didn't listen. / Just pasta and simple things.
Interviewer: Because I know a lot of French men who can cook which is..
The guys: Yeah it's a cliché.
Interviewer: No, no, no. I know them.
The guys: No, you don't.
Interviewer: Yes, I do. I have a lot of friends here.
The guys: No, no you don't. / They are German.
Interviewer: I was visiting France for a month and I paid only 4 nights. Everywhere else I was staying with friends...

Actually, my theory is, going by everyone I know, both French and non-French, and from all different countries, is that people who grew up in the country or in a small town are better at homely things such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, home improvements, etc, than those people who grew up in big cities and were more than likely spoilt by their parents and lived at home till an older age. I swear this is true for almost everybody I know from all different cultures/countries.

So given these guys are from Paris (a big city) it would explain why they are not good cooks and don't like cooking :P

This bit was also funny:

Interviewer: If your girlfriend earns a lot of money, would you be happy in staying home and taking care of the kids?
The guys: (laugh) yeah of course, it's my dream! It's a perfect dream. Yes! Every day, every time. Just cooking and taking care of child (sic) and sleeping and (can't quite catch that last word but it sounds like 'masturbating').

I think the fact that they are around 22 (?) is telling there... the fact that they are from Gen-Y. Actually from the interview all round you can gather that they are pretty open-minded people/guys/Parisians. They talk about gay people having the right to marry and that there's no issue with different race relationships, and more...


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