vendredi 21 mai 2010

B2 level of French in 10 months

Ever since I read about the CEFR I've been obsessed with knowing which level I'm at. Obviously my level changes as time goes on but I wanted some concrete proof that I was at such-a-such a level. I have been doing online proficiency tests for ages (you can search my tags/etiquettes for the word 'proficiency' to find links to these) to get some kind of idea.

The teachers at the Alliance Française estimated my level at being B1-B2 and at first I was in total disbelief but after analysing my level I thought this was accurate. I thought that if I did DELF B1 I would have about 90% chance of passing, and if I did DELF B2 I would have about 50% chance of passing. I was not confident that I could be qualified as B2 level.

Since I missed the last DELF/DALF test back in February and the next one is in November, I just wanted to take the next available test they had which was the TEF. I took some practice tests beforehand and was so shocked that I would probably get a B2 level (which requires at least 541 points out of 900 or 90 points out of 150). So I took the TEF test today and will write more about it when I get my results back...

Meanwhile, I never knew you could do this but thanks to my fellow students I found out that the AF hands out their own certificates of your level of proficiency and mine says B2 so I am over the moon with that!

But also, just then, I got the biggest compliment anyone could give me (regarding French). I have been emailing this girl I 'met' through Flickr only a few times and she said that she thought I was a native French speaker! I was totally gobsmacked. Even though I made a few mistakes (mostly with gender) she still said that. I'm in total disbelief but am so happy that I really must be improving a lot! :D

I feel more confident in my abilities now and I'll be onto C1 and C2 in no time.

And yes, I have only been learning French for 10 months!


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