dimanche 30 mai 2010

Eurovision Oslo 2010 - Germany wins

EuroVision 2010 Song Contest

On Friday night I was watching my favourite Australian tv show at the moment, Masterchef. Actually favourite is probably the wrong word to use as it's the ONLY tv show I watch.

Out of the blue I get a call from my mother telling me to, "Quick! Turn to channel SBS" (SBS is the channel that screens international news, programs and movies) and I was like, "Why?" She was working herself up into a big excitement... "Oh there's a really good show about singers from Europe"...

I only changed the channel after Masterchef finished because, well, in Australia at least, Eurovision is considered to be very very erm daggy. It's almost a farce it's so hilariously silly with the bad outfits, dancing and backdrops. I'm not sure if it's intentional or what or that Europeans appreciate different things to Anglophones ;)

Still, I did watch a bit of it. I find it a bit boring actually as I hate waiting for the results. The most exciting part for me was hearing the female host speak French ;)

Well anyway, Germany won by a long shot. Congrats to Lena for her song "Satellite"!

(I can't help but think that Lena has a strange British-Australian accent when she sings in English)


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