mardi 23 novembre 2010

Weather affects personality? Warm and Cold

I was talking to a French friend a few weeks back about how I was finding it hard to make friends here... He told me it's because I live in the "north" and colder weather = colder people. And the opposite is true for the south. Warmer weather = warmer people. Which I guess could be said about any country really!

Apart from not having the time (or motivation) to write on my blog I actually haven't had time to read blogs either since I moved here and am very behind. I only just managed to read this post from the Ask a Frenchman blog about people in the north of France, and people in the south.

First of all, I have to clarify that some sources say I live in the north, and some say I live in the south. According to his map with the horizontal line, I live very close to it, so I think I'm in neither the north or the south! hahaha

I guess the theory is probably true as those countries I've visited with warmer weather generally have more warm and welcoming people... I don't have much more to say on the matter as I don't have enough evidence or knowledge but I just wanted to quote what the Frenchman wrote in this one paragraph which I found hilarious:

People from the South are said to be more open, more welcoming, more fun, more laidback than people from the North. People from the North are said to be more reserved, colder, more distant, but also have stronger and better friendships once they start those. And it’s true to a certain extent (of course individual personalities play a huge part in that "certain extent").
It’s a known fact (and a worldwide one) that when you live in a warm place, you simply spend more time outside, consequently you meet more people, interact with them more for better or worse, but you also don’t spend as much time with every single individual as you know so many of them.
When you live in a place with colder and crappier weather, you spend more time indoors, so you obviously meet less people and you may be less open to meeting new people, but you also may have relationships that are more meaningful with those fewer people…
That is unless you’re British, as the British have found a way to meet and interact with tons of random people while staying indoors, they call those amazing inventions "the Pub".


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