vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Week from Hell

I thought last week was bad and I thought it was all over when I had a nice Sunday and Monday.. then the hell started again (different person, different situation) and once again my emotions were put through the wringer. I am very slowly losing faith in humanity. There are too many horrible people in this world, which saddens me. Perhaps I am just too 'nice' and trusting, I don't know. I'm sick of feeling like shit and being treated like shit.

Someone who I thought was unbelievably nice turns out to be a chameleon. I'm so disillusioned it's not funny. I feel hurt and betrayed and more... words fail me. And to think that because they were a relative of a friend of a friend they were actually trustworthy...

I never thought my experience in France would lead to this. Without sounding conceited, I think my life would make one hell of an interesting autobiography with the amount of shit I've experienced and endured, with the amounts of highs and lows I had (even in the same day or week).

I was up from 2-4am this morning unable to sleep. I wrote an email to my sister get all my feelings out which she probably won't even reply to knowing her. I also finally told someone, as in a real person (the other assistant) and not someone on the internet. I couldn't hide my 'secret' any longer as it was doing my head in. And now, being alone and extremely sad and disillusioned by humanity, one of my other friends is coming over to talk and to comfort me (thank God).

I think I mentioned before that I absolutely hate Friday afternoons/evenings. I feel like I'm the only person left in the whole entire school (which I'm practically am). I'm bored out of my brains and I am fed up with 'me time'. It's good when the other assistant is here and we can do stuff together (like going to see a film one time) but when she's not here... and especially now in my fragile state... gosh, it sux. It really really sux.


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you need a man to take care of you: that's the prescription for you.
happy happyyyyyy

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