lundi 14 mars 2011

Blogs: What I'm reading

I might do this regularly if it turns out to be interesting for my readers...

Marianne en France: On Humility
Marianne does the same job as me (I don't know her). I could definitely relate to this post a lot!

Francey Pants: Land of Funny Names
Funny city names in German.. this post had me in stitches!! Fricken!

Francey Pants: Your daily WTF (Welcome to France) moment
I can't say my adventures at the laundromat are half as interesting as hers but I related to this part: "I have a fear of making telephone calls in French because it's approximately 43 times harder to understand and be understood than when you're talking in person."

Crumple-proof and waterproof City Maps via Detours
Pretty cool, huh? Although I have to say that they seem to take up a lot of room! I thought of another use for them too... when you want to sit on something wet or dirty they might come in handy - haha.


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