vendredi 18 mars 2011

What I learned from watching Le Divorce

I briefly wrote about the film Le Divorce before and ever since coming to France, certain elements of that story pop into my head.

I remember thinking at the time that the story was incredibly UNrealistic and far-fetched and was heavily dramatised to make an interesting book (by Diane Johnson) and film.

After having spent almost 6 months here, and being surrounded almost exclusively by French people and having experienced some fucked up shit I would say that that story is EXTREMELY accurate about French people and society. Also, things that have happened that I've been aware of, that were told to me by locals, which shocked and amazed me at the time, really doesn't shock or amaze me anymore.

And also, from chatting to French people online (all over the country) I've also come to the conclusion there is a lot of fucked up shit happening here... (not saying that this sort of stuff doesn't happen in other countries... it may be even WORSE in other countries) but...

I wish I could give you all those dozens of examples (that would make your mind spin) but boy-oh-boy it's just out of this world incredible. I guess I've lived a far too naïve and innocent existence prior to coming here!

So what did I learn about watching Le Divorce? That there is some seriously fucked up shit going on in French people's lives!


Andi a dit…

I watched Le Divorce when I first moved to France, I think it helped me prepare a lot for what I was about to face!

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