dimanche 1 mai 2011

On French boys

I found this girl on YouTube some time ago when I was looking for videos of French people talking. Unfortunately it turns out she speaks English in most of her videos and not French but anyway... this is her latest video and a detour from her usual make-up tutorials. Quite amusing to watch, I actually didn't find any of it the least bit surprising given my own experiences and stories I've heard...


Karine a dit…

Obviously, this French girl isn't from Paris and seems to be a friendly and open minded person which is often mistaken for flirting in Paris. In Sydney, I would say her attitude would be normal, since you can talk to strangers and be nice and it wouldn't be mistaken for flirting (or s*x invitation), but I have to admit that if I play the social butterfly in Sydney, in a location like Paris, people would tell me I am on fire for s*x and it is obvious something is going on...Whereas in Sydney, everybody is just friendly.
But I would like to stipulate that she was particurlarly unlucky. I never had direct suggestion like hers, but I reckon I never smile or look in the eyes of strangers because I know it can be misinterpreted (i.e some people get upset for no reason and you can get attacked)
So yeah, Paris, city of love ? Depends on your encounters ... :)

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