samedi 23 juillet 2011

Aaron, the band

After my last blog post about Paris my curiosity got the better of me. WHO exactly was I sitting opposite to on the train? Well I went to the FNAC Festival Live website to see the list of who was playing at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris on Thursday night (21 July). I soon realise the times are all wrong because I was there from about 9:30-10pm and did not see the ones listed on there during those times. Also the guy I met told me he was playing at around 7:30pm (then again, I suppose schedules do change at the last minute?!)

Given I know that he's French and there are two of them, it was pretty easy to narrow down - the band is Aaron. LOL. And to make sure I was 100% correct, I checked out their tour dates and the day before, they were in Nyon (which makes sense why they were on the train from Geneva to Paris). Looking at the tour dates... OMG how exhausting! Still, if you love what you do... Interestingly, I knew about the Nyon (Paléo) festival because the friend that I caught up with about a week ago (who is also a singer) is/was also playing there...

If they really did play at 10pm (as the website says) I'm gonna be pissed 'cause that's around when I left. Oh well.

Still, it's kind of cool to know I struck up a conversation with a real live Parisian rock star ;) However, the photos on the sites don't look exactly like the guy I remember. I think it may just be the different hairstyle. Anyway here they are: Olivier Coursier (left) and Simon Buret (right). Guess which one he was? :P

Official sites:
My Space

Check out how many people were in front of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris though!

I guess bad weather doesn't stop Parisians from partying!

I also found this photo which means they also went straight to the Hôtel de Ville (like I did) straight after getting off the train from Geneva at Paris Gare de Lyon!


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