dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Désormais et Dorénavant

So on Thursday and Friday I was with my old friend the TGV listening to and reminisicing about the announcements you hear on the train platforms. There was one word that I did not understand and I was wracking my brains for what it could be. I wasn't even sure if it was one word, or two, or three...

Just then I had a Skype chat with someone I found through one of those languages learning sites (and OMG thank God he was a good chat partner. They are so rare to find) and then he typed it "dorénavant" and immediately I made the connection that that was the word they were saying over the loudspeaker!

Here is the exact sentence : "Nous vous rappelons que dorénavant l'étiquettage de vos bagages est obligatoire." (We remind you that from now on it is compulsory to tag your luggage (with your details))

Now I only came across the word désormais because of Facebook (I had since switched my language to French about a year ago) but did not realise that dorénavant means practically the same thing ("from now on").

It's funny the different ways by which I learn new vocabulary!

Here is a somewhat related blogpost about train platform messages.


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