lundi 26 janvier 2015


I know, I know this is old news. I meant to write a post about this when it all happened but I had a lot going on...

I was quite saddened by the whole thing (to think that people could get killed for drawings) and moved by the big groups of people not just in France but everywhere, that gathered together in public spaces to mourn the loss of those innocent victims but also to come together for a fight against terrorism.

I really hope to God nothing like that ever happens again, in France or anywhere else :(


In other recent-ish news, the Swiss franc previously bought about 0.8 Euros and on 15 Jan the Swiss national bank (SNB) lifted the 3 year limit on the exchange rate and all of a sudden 1 Swiss franc buys 1 Euro! Crazy stuff...

I'm probably going to be out of action for a few weeks but when I come back I'll have more and better posts for you! Don't worry, I'll be back :)


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