vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Art of the bise (French cheek kiss)

To bise or not to bise? That is the question. 

I just made that up hahaha. Like my silly sense of humour?

Just in the last day someone told me about this video - The art of the bise (unfortunately it's in French which doesn't help foreigners by hey, you could improve your French at the same time! ;) ) It talks about when, with whom, how many and all the subtle little nuances... Personally, if I've never met the person before I give them a handshake. Often, they will be the one to initiate a bise but I never offer first.

 On that note, I also usually wait to see if the other person will tutoie me first. Sometimes I suggest it, particularly if they are around the same age or younger than me and most are happy to tutoie each other.


and also yesterday I came across this link with a map of France and how many they do in each region. If you've been following my blog I spent many years out of France but we did 3 and now in Lyon they do 2. When I first arrived and started doing 3 people would look at me awkwardly or even laugh before they realised what was happening (without me having to tell them why). A bit embarrassing but it makes for a funny conversation afterwards though! :D


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