vendredi 31 juillet 2009

4 weeks of learning French

It's been 4 weeks since I started learning French and so far I have:
  • Done up to the end of CD 6 lesson 6 (of 8 CDs) of Michel Thomas French

  • Done up to the end of Level 1 Lesson 18 (of 3 levels x 30 lessons) of Pimsleur French

  • Done up to Week 4 Day 5 (of 7 weeks x 7 days) of Teach Yourself Starter Kit French

  • Done up to end of unit 4 (of 10 units) of Collins Language revolution Beginner French

  • Done up to the end of Lesson 7 of Coffee Break French (by Radio Lingua network)

Subscribed to the following Podcasts:

  • Classic French Tales (French Today)

  • Easy French poetry podcast

  • France Inter - Le sept dix

  • French for beginners

  • French for kids by kids

  • French verb drills

  • The French podclass - Frenchie productions

  • Katia and Kyliemac learn French

  • Learn French by podcast

  • Learn French with Alexa

  • Ma France - learn French - video podcast

  • Mission Paris - Deutsche Welle

  • Journal en français facile

Some of them are better than others. Some of them are totally useless! haha.
Some of them I can just run in the background so my brain/ear can get used to the French sounds without really listening or paying attention to it, if I don't want to. Désolée, I'm too lazy right now to link to them all and I can't remember where I found some of them.


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