dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Busy week

I've had a pretty busy week, and it's been one of the hottest weeks of the year. In fact, I seem to spend a lot of time talking about the weather and temperature because it occupies my mind so much! It's 39 deg C as I type this and expected to hit 41 :(

Speaking of which... I know that you can't say je suis chaud(e) to mean I'm hot, you have to say j'ai chaud(e) (which means 'I have hot(ness)/heat' but I like to translate it as 'I feel hot'), but I was describing something and wanted to say that it's getting hotter and hotter (in my room, in my suburb...) and I'm feeling hotter and hotter.. and I said je deviens chaude which brought on lots of chuckles... I knew it sounded 'wrong' as soon as I said it but I couldn't think of another way to say it (it basically means I'm getting (sexually) excited) LOL...

I also came across another word, the verb jouir, which means 'to enjoy' but I believe it's a bit old fashioned, and nowadays it means something entirely different. It was in one of the homework exercises we were given and when I went over it with one of my French chat buddies he explained what it meant, then in class the teacher explained it has multiple meanings. I tried very hard not to blush or laugh because I already knew what it meant (and the teacher didn't go into details so I don't think the rest of the class knew exactly)...

I met up with 2 French people (in real life!) and spoke with them for many hours each. And they both said my French was really good for having only learnt it for 4 months. They both come from the suburbs of Paris, and I impressed the first person with my knowledge of Paris (since I did so much research as I originally wanted to live there).

I also did an evaluation at the Alliance Française which finally confirmed that I was better than I thought! The teacher said I was too good to be in the beginner classes (and there are 8 levels there!) and said that I should go into the intermediate class.

Everyone I'd spoken to said that my French was at a good level but I guess I found it hard to believe because I'm quite a perfectionist and hard on myself, and I'm usually modest, and I tend to think they are just being nice... but having had my level confirmed at the AF I feel a lot more confident now :) My friend kept saying "I told you so! You never believed me..."

This week was full on for me French-wise yet I hadn't done that much more personal study so I'll skip my weekly update and catch up on it next Thursday/Friday


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