lundi 5 avril 2010

La météo / The weather

10 February, 2010

31 March, 2010

The weather is a funny thing. It affects people's moods. It certainly affects my mood because it affects my health. It's been interesting reading people's blogs over the past few months, talking complaining ;) about the snow and the ice and the all round coldness, and here I was sweating even while wearing nothing (in the privacy of my own room of course ;) ) and the fan blasting cold air into my face...

Now the tides have turned and my glorious 4 months (!!) of summer are over and it has now officially turned cold. In fact the temperature is HALF of what it was just last week! It's gone from low 30s to the teens. Incredible. Meanwhile, people in the northern hemisphere are rejoicing that the sun is out and the flowers are blooming...

I know that when I move to France I'm going to end up having a whole year of winter, which is just horrible. But I've done it before (in another country) and lived through it. The good thing is, if I come back around the same time I end up with a whole year of summer too!

I've attached some screenshots of the wunderground weather widget thingy in the bottom right hand corner of my blog. The difference between France's temps and Sydney's has gone from huge to almost nothing in just a few weeks.


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