mercredi 5 mai 2010

Free French driving test online - Code de la route

I was looking for a new French proficiency test and found this instead. It's an online theoretical driving test (designed to simulate the real thing I suspect). It was really fun but I'm ashamed to say I failed. Big time. I scored 18/40 (or 48%) haha.

Although, in my defence this is for a number of reasons:

1. It's been many many years since I took my driver's test.
2. I drive on the left hand side of the road so all those photos were really throwing me off.
3. My French isn't good enough to know auto terms so I suspect a lot of my errors were due to misunderstanding the questions or answers.
4. There were some things that only relate to France or Europe.
5. There were questions relating to green initiatives and saving the environment and I don't remember any of them when I did my test! (of course I did my test in another country but I suspect that with times changing that other countries may now also have questions like this).
6. I don't know/remember anything about the rules of drink driving because I don't drink! I never ever drink alcohol so I don't feel like I need to know these rules plus I would never be stupid enough to drive if I had drunk something, or get in a car with someone who was drink driving (even a little bit).

Yeah that's about it. But still, a pretty poor result. Luckily for me, my driving record (in Australia) is actually very good :) I passed my written exam when I was only 16 or 17 and then I let it lapse without taking my practical exam so I took the written exam again when I was 20 and even though I barely studied for it, I still remembered everything and scored 100% on it :) So I'm sure I could pass the French one too if I really had to, but luckily for me I won't have to.  I can simply exchange my Australian driver's licence for a French one if I live there long-term! Yay!

Online version of the Australian (NSW state) test I did (of course I did it many years ago when it was probably easier). Just did it and scored 43/45 (96%) but I still failed... wha-?


DomoMaster a dit…

Don't worry about your failure. The French driving test is really hard. It's a nonsense sometimes.

French online

Anna Boros a dit…

same what i think is bit difficult

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