lundi 3 mai 2010

Ricqlès Alcool de Menthe

My week has been getting better and better (that is, unfortunately, sarcasm). I've been sick for almost a week with no signs of getting better and I've had to cancel so many appointments it's making me agitated and annoyed and I've been snapping at everyone who I come across such as: two women at the chemist (pharmacy/drugstore), a man (front desk worker) at the doctor's clinic, the woman at the post office, the woman in the supermarket, the man working the train station, etc. I feel terrible afterwards and am too scared to speak to anyone now in case I have another outburst. I'm exhausted and just feel like crying except, I realise, there really isn't anything much to cry about (I do realise that people have far worse problems than my petty ones) and the tears that I get from all the coughing is enough saline release anyway.

So where was I? Despite the fact that I can hardly stay awake for 30 mins I cannot sleep and have insomnia as well, which is no doubt not helping, so here I am writing a (probably nonsensical) post..

I had to suck up all my pride and call my mummy (mommy). I was in no mood to face the public (ie go to the shops again) and just too tired anyway and asked if she could bring me around some things such as food, fruit, medication and such. The doctor tells me "it's not serious" and haven't actually been prescribed anything but I'm willing to take anything non-prescription drugs I can get my hands on.

I ask if she has any Vicks VapoRub (see pic attached) which I used to use as a kid, and she says no, but she has something else. Some peppermint water thing. I hear the word "France" over the phone and my ears prick up. Huh? Whatever.. I'll give it a try and if it's from France it must be good!

Apparently her friend gave it to her and she bought it from China. I looked at the box and the small bottle and was confused about whether it was from France or China but I see the words "Joint Venture" so I am guessing they have a subsidiary branch/factory somewhere in China. Curious (and having nothing better to do ;) ), I start typing all the words into Google to find out more about this mystery product. The words on the box are "Peppermint Aqua", "France Double Rider Medicine Group", "Hygienic, exquisite, essential" and of course "The Joint Venture" which is not exactly helpful. I couldn't find anything through Google.

Since none of those words are French I had to find the word for "peppermint" which is "menthe poivrée" ("peppered mint" I guess you could say) and going through Google images... Ça y est ! Je le trouve !

So this magical product is Ricqlès Alcool de Menthe, a brand of peppermint water/oil (?), created in 1838 by Henri de Ricqlès, a pharmacist. In 2001 the brand/company was bought out by Cadbury-Schweppes.

So this miracle product can be used for:

• antiseptic for preventing risk of infection in minor cuts and scrapes
• insect bites
• indigestion
• bad breath
• colds and flus
• headaches
• stomachaches
• muscle aches
• nausea
• seasickness

and more!

Some more info (in French)

A bit of a discussion about it (in English)

Take a few drops in a glass of hot water with a little sugar, or in a glass of hot milk or tea.

Geez... sounds like I'm selling this stuff. I have no idea if it works or not but it sure smells nice! And if it's been around since 1838 it must be good. It doesn't seem to be too expensive either from what I saw online.

I also learnt a new "bon(ne)" phrase this week: Bon rétablissement. It means get well (soon)! Please wish me a bon rétablissement :)


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