jeudi 13 mai 2010

How to search imdb for filming locations, flickr, google streetview

Did you know?

Internet movie database (imdb)

Using imdb's advanced search you can look for specific filming locations. Select 'filming locations' in the drop down selection box.

To get the exact location, you might have to just search the place name you know such as "Paris" but when you click search, you'll see that some places are not what you are looking for so you'll have to use their formatting (city name, state, country) and 'copy' the text, click 'back' on your browser, and 'paste' it back into the search box to get the exact hit.

I've done the hard work for you already:

imdb: filming locations: Paris
imdb: filming locations: Lyon
imdb: filming locations: Marseille
imdb: filming locations: Toulouse
imdb: filming locations: Montpellier
imdb: filming locations: Grenoble
imdb: filming locations: Bordeaux
imdb: filming locations: Nantes
imdb: filming locations: Strasbourg
imdb: filming locations: Rennes
imdb: filming locations: Nice


Go to Places and do a keyword search for the city you want. Here is the link for France and the various cities:

I've done the hard work for you already:


Google Streetview

Then of course there is Google's streetview. In case you've been hiding behind a rock, this is the best way to see what a place looks like in real life!

Go to, type in your location. Use the + in the top left corner, or double click to zoom in on the map. You can also pick up the map (click and drag the mouse) and move it around.

To use Streetview, drag the little yellow man (top left hand corner) onto the map. The blue lines will appear where you can place him, wait a few seconds and voilà! A virtual reality world. It really feels like you're in Paris. (this looks better on a big screen).

I hope these tips have been useful. They are a good way of 'visiting' a place without actually going there. I am a mega movie buff and love seeing locations in a movie and then later visiting them in real life, and of course that's my aim with various French cities ;)


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