mardi 15 juin 2010


What is going on with the weather in France? Isn't it supposed to be summer?
This global warming and all that has really wreaked havoc on the earth's climate :(

As far as I know, over the past few months Europe had a really really cold winter and here in Australia we had a really really long and hot summer (even breaking some record temps). We had one of the hottest Aprils ever and then it suddenly became cold and rained non-stop for like 3 weeks in Sydney during May/June.

Now, it's supposed to be summer in Europe and the northern hemisphere and winter over here but the temps seem similar? How weird. Although I have to say that although our daytime temps are generally comfortable the nights and early mornings are very cold and always in single digits.

I feel sorry for all the French people who don't get to have a proper summer! Hopefully it'll start getting warmer and sunnier soon. Meanwhile, I'm only 2 weeks into winter and I'm already over it :P

Various cities in France and their temps
Understanding the logic of climate variability


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