mardi 28 décembre 2010

Film review: Le Nom des gens (The Names of Love)

I saw this film today in Nantes when I am currently. It was so hard to choose a film. It's funny, when I was in Australia all I ever wanted to see were French (and foreign) films but now I'm in France I only want to see English-speaking films. I guess it's the "grass is greener" concept or the case of wanting what is rare!

Anyway, I thought I'd be brave and see my first ever French film sans sous-titres (without subtitles)! I wanted one around 3 or 4 pm so that limited my choices too (and therefore actually made it easier to decide)... I wanted a comedy too and ended up choosing Le Nom des gens (English title: The names of love, which is not a literal translation).

I instantly recognised Jacques Gamblin (Arthur Martin) from Le premier jour du reste de ta vie which I reviewed before. I don't think I've seen Sara Forestier (Bahia Benmahmoud) before but with her bright blue? green? eyes and dark wavy hair in the film she was stunning and looked like a cross between Miranda Kerr and Marion Cotillard.

I admit that while my listening is getting a lot better, there were some things in the film that I missed. Also I missed all the cultural references and nuances. Thus this is not really a complete review.

The film addresses culture and race and the subject of identity. As someone who is Australian but was not born here and does not 'look' Australian, it's something I can relate to a LOT.

It's funny, and sweet and touching and like all French films, it shows the joys and sorrows of life...  I really enjoyed it. There is plenty of nudity so it's something to be wary of if that sort of thing upsets you (or... it's not really a movie to bring kids to).

It actually wasn't as hard as I thought to understand the film without subtitles although I seem to have a delayed reaction syndrome where I'm 2 seconds behind what they are saying. Eventually I'll get there though.

If you like romantic comedies with a different spin, I'd definitely say to give this a go. The chemistry between the two leading stars is wonderful.


Premiere: Le nom des gens
imdb: The names of love

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