vendredi 25 février 2011

Feeling lucky...

or What I achieved before noon

• Woke up, got up, looked out the window (no snow) :( However, the weather is beautiful. Not too cold at all and sunny.

• Went on the internet (for about 2 hours) downloading movies, uploading photos, networking through Facebook and other websites...

• Walked the whole 5 minutes from my room to the school*, passing by the security office. I hardly ever look in that direction but the one time I do, the lady in there motioned to me to come over so I did and she said I had just received (ie 10 mins ago) a small parcel from my father! Woohoo. And just in time too (because the school is closed over the holidays meaning I can't receive any mail then). Quelle chance ! I said.
I love getting stuff in the mail (which rarely ever happens now). Before Christmas I was receiving stuff often as I went on an internet shopping spree and also got my parents to send me stuff from home but after the Christmas break I've barely received anything except 2-3 Christmas cards and neverending ads/catalogues from 3 Suisses because I once bought something from them!

• Went to teach my first class of the day (and second last class of the semester). It's a great class and one of my favourites. The class is small and their level of English is really good and I can talk to them like friends, as opposed to annoying little kids.

• Went to look for the principal (for what seemed like the 100th time) and found her!

• Went to talk to another staff member about meeting up during and after the holidays. After my friend explained to her that I live in the little dorm and have no friends and no car and am bored out of my mind, etc etc she's been much nicer to me which I really appreciate. So that's another day sorted and locked in in my diary for the holidays :) She's taking me... caving. I'm shit scared but can't wait!

• On the way there I met my friend who I Couchsurfed with before and who I had barely seen at all these past few months and we had a nice chat and he said to call him to meet up with him and his girlfriend and their new baby during these holidays (another day sorted!)

• Then I had an early lunch and talked to a teacher that I had seen around before in the staffroom but never really talked to. At first we were just sitting next to each other in silence and I was just about to ask him what he was doing for the holidays when he asked me the very same question. We both said we were staying here in the town and not going anywhere.
I asked him what he teaches and he said French. (it's embarrassing to admit but I still don't know all the teachers. It's just so hard to remember everyone's names and what they teach. There are too many people!) Recently I had this idea that came into my head and kicked myself for not thinking about it earlier! I really really miss my French classes and wanted to continue taking them at Alliance Française but the closest one to me is in Lyon. It's not that far away by train but the train is rather costly and I can't really get home too late so it's not feasible. Then I had this brainwave that I could get FREE French lessons at the school. Duh!! So the other day I spoke to a French teacher.. and this was the second French teacher. So now I have 2 teachers whose classes I can go to after the break. :) Problem is, I'm not sure what my level is but I guess I'll soon find out!

• Had a nice meal in the cantine. I prefer to go early if I can because I don't eat a lot for breakfast and later on there are soooooo many kids and they are so rowdy and the cantine is ridiculously crowded but this time it was nice and quiet.

• Came back to my room to go on the internet (what else for?) and read a reply from a girl I contacted through Couchsurfing last night and we're gonna meet up tomorrow (Saturday) in Geneva. Another day sorted! At this rate I'll have the entire 2 weeks of holidays in my diary filled out. :)

• Finally, when I got back to my room I opened my parcel.

• I took the bandage off my ankle! It's so handy living in the school and having your own personal nurse at your disposal almost 5 days a week. I can get basic care, treatment and medications all quickly and for free. Not that I've needed them thank God. But at the beginning of this week I went to see one of them for my ankle and she taped it up in bandages and now I feel much better to take it off. My knee is still bruised but I'm sure it'll be back to normal in another 2 days or so. It's funny, my friend from CS (mentioned above) asked me jokingly if I was going to the snow as I was wearing my big down jacket and my snowboots. And today is quite warm. Hahahaa. The reason I've been wearing my snowboots is because I thought they would be good protection for my weak ankles at the moment.

• And last but not least, checked my bank statement online and I got paid yesterday. Yay!!

* I can't tell you how lucky I feel that I live in the school. Sure there are plenty of cons as I've mentioned before but it is SO GREAT that I can come back to my room any time I have some free time to sleep, get changed, have a shower, go on the internet, etc. If I need more clothes I can get them. If it's raining and I forget my umbrella, I can just go back and get it.  I never need to carry a lot and if I forget anything it's just too easy to rectify that! I love having the space all to myself as being in the staff room gives me a headache sometimes with all the people there, the chatter, the commotion... In my own room (all of 5 minutes walk away) I can do whatever I want!

I wish I could say I'm done for the day and off on holidays but I still have one class this afternoon. Overall I'm feeling very positive about these upcoming holidays and trying not to dwell on negativities. Tomorrow if all goes according to plan I'm going to buy myself an interview outfit (suit). I left my nice suit (and shoes) at home in Sydney thinking I wouldn't need them but now I wanna be prepared cos you know, afterall, I'm gonna get me some interviews real soon...  I'm feeling very LUCKY :D

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