mercredi 2 février 2011

Please let it snow

All my lovely new skigear (jacket, pants, socks, gloves, goggles) has been sitting in the wardrobe unworn for months! ARGH. It's just not snowing even though it's been the perfect temperature for it (around -3 to 3°C). It's been too dry. So dry my nails keep breaking, I'm constantly thirsty and I get static electricity with everything I touch! It's the worst when it's this cold yet not snowing.

I'd like to send a message to Mother Nature and the Snow Gods above.... PLEASE let it snow soon. I am DYING to go skiing!!! You have no idea how much. C'mon, snow, please !! :)

(picture from here)

PS thanks to the lovely people who have subscribed to my Facebook fanpage and my Google Friend connect thingo. I will try to get some more photos up when I get a chance (between sorting out my private life and my career!!)


Pepe Le Pew a dit…

Be carefull what you wish for. Look at the weather in America right now.

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