jeudi 7 avril 2011

Boys are silly

Ever since the day I decided I really like being single strange things have happened. This is just crazy nuts. Ever since the day I decided I didn't need a guy to be happy, I have somehow become a guy magnet. Now I'm not saying at all that these guys are interested in me (they probably aren't and in fact I'd prefer it if they weren't) but now I get them contacting me left, right and centre. It's truly weird and I don't really know what to make of it.

There is this classifieds website I go on as I'm looking for something in particular (no, it's not a car boohoo) and there is also this chat thing on there (which I never use). Always within a few minutes of being on there I'll get some guy wanting to chat to me. I usually do it for a few minutes just to be polite but all I want to do is go on that site to look for this thing... Then, they try to find my contact details through the site and email me!

Today for example... I got a call from one of my CS friends saying he hadn't heard from me in a while and asked me what's up and if he can help with "the issue" and that I can come over and use his phone (he can make free calls to anywhere within Europe even to mobile phones) or his printer if I want. He contacts me often wanting to 'hang out' and I would if I had the time... but I don't right now.

Then I had another male friend wanting to catch up with me since normally he works at the school but now he won't for some time and he also wanted me to help him with his English. I guess I felt 'special' because last week he confided in me something that he hadn't really told anyone else yet. Not that it's a big huge secret. He was going for this important job and wanted my advice and help with his CV and want to wear, and what to say, and especially with the English part. Which is kind of funny because not so long ago I was asking HIM for the same advice!

This afternoon I got a total random call from someone I was suppose to meet in Nice but didn't end up doing so (more will be explained when I do a post on my trip there). We ended up talking for a while (he is also a high school teacher) and it was so nice (haha punny) of him to say he was really sorry we missed each other and that next time I come down south he'd like to show me the area...

Then there was the guy in Cannes (who I saw on Monday) who asked me how I was doing with "the issue" and that he'd like to catch up again soon (Cannes film festival - I wish!!)...

Then there was my friend in Paris (who I saw yesterday) texting me thanking me for yesterday even though I was the one who thanked him in the first place..

This was just in one day!

Then of course with all the recent encounters combined where they show me around their town and pay for everything and refuse to let me pay for anything. Well that I could get used to :P

I could go on and on but I don't want to make it sound like I think I'm really good because I'm getting all this attention. Truly, I don't. I just think it's really bizarre and keep wondering why it's happening right now. In fact, if it goes too far it could be a really bad and annoying thing. I can't make head or tail of it at the moment. I don't like to be rude or bitchy and ignore people but yeah... there is only so much attention a gal can take! Not to mention I don't have a lot of free time at the moment at all and have a lot on my plate. I barely have enough time to sleep.



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